07 Oct

Things To Know About Postpartum Confinement Massage

Postpartum confinement massage is a full body massage that usually happens during the first 12 weeks of you giving birth, while you are still in the recovery stage. It may not seem like it’s going to help but having one done can speed up the healing process which is always great. If you had a cesarean delivery make sure to contact your doctor asking if it’s safe to get it done although some masseuses prefer not working on people who had surgery done in the last six weeks. If you experienced blood clots in your pregnancy your doctor will most likely recommend you avoid this treatment. You can visit here to know Vela shape Dubai offers.

The best way to prepare for a postpartum massage is to make sure you have a calm and relaxing environment with no distractions like a television or your phone nearby. You can help ease your mood by dimming the light in your room, lighting up a few candles. For most massages you’ll need to arrange someone to look after your baby although sometimes clients do have them in the same room we can’t forget babies cry and that isn’t the most relaxing sound, so it’s advised to have them in a different room with someone to look after them.


1.            REDUCED SWELLING

Many mothers during pregnancy notice their body swelling up during labor, massaging helps redistribute water in your body and increases circulation overall.


Getting this treatment done increases breast milk supply as often it’s difficult for some mothers to produce a decent amount. This is also great for increasing circulation.


Your body after a delivery has fluctuating hormones, so massages and essential oils help elevate your mood and increase hormonal balance.

4.            REDUCED ANXIETY

Like I mentioned before massages can help in bettering your mood as many new parents explain ‘baby blues’. So, getting a massage always assists in encouraging a better mood.

5.            BETTER SLEEP

Everyone knows well that new parents often don’t get the sleep they deserve so massages always help in relaxing the parents so they can chill for a while and catch up on their sleep they’ve been missing out on recently.

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