07 Oct

The Riskiest Professions In The World

Human society is a mix of people from all professions and occupations. Every person offers their skills, without doctors, engineers, traders, sportsperson, realtors, entertainers, police force, and many other important people no civilized society can thrive in the 21st century.

While everyone is exposed to danger in their daily lives, some professions are more dangerous than others. For example, the stove fire can harm a housewife who spends all day in the kitchen, and the policeman on duty can get killed.

What is Occupational Therapy?

How would you feel if the burden of a stranger’s life is put on your shoulder? It is not the type of pressure that anyone would want to go through, and it can have serious mental and physical repercussions. Many new surgeons reportedly suffer from trembling hands at the beginning of their practice. A police office may undergo a million years’ worth of stress during a bank robbery.

These are just a few examples, where a wrong breath can result in loss of life. People who are associated with the high-risk career may suffer from PTSD, guilt, and lack of confidence. Occupational therapy is a remedy for dealing with career-related stress. More and more organizations are incorporating occupational therapy in Abu Dhabi.

Helping out with risky occupations:

The problems of high-risk occupations are not just limited to a personal level. The aftermath of risk-prone professions can be extended to the family circle. Many additional services can be utilized to deal with work related stress and possible trauma. In any family, children are most sensitive towards detecting any negative changes. The young mind of a child is unable to understand the complexities of adult life.

For sheltering children from negative implications of risky occupations, relative institutions must provide pediatric long term care facilities.  This will not only save the children from unnecessary suffering but allow their parents to function with more conviction and presence of mind.


In modern society, people are associated with many professions. Some of these professions are more dangerous than others. People who are associated with risky occupations can suffer from temporary mental or physical impairment. Professionals are advised to seek occupational therapy regularly. There are many facilities for practicing parents to help their children stay and grow in a protected environment.

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