Challenges that Occur When You Use Tech for Health
18 Aug

Challenges that Occur When You Use Tech for Health

Challenges are there on different things and even there is a challenge in getting up early in the morning. But there are ways of facing and solving those challenges. What do you think that what is most developing thing around you, that is tech. There are different kinds of tech that are available for all kinds of care and, in this era when the pandemic is on the world. You need a lot of tech which is latest and that is reliable. But no matter what and how much the tech enhances, then there are always different kinds of challenges that the humans have to face. Following are the kind of challenges that every person has to face;

  1. The first challenge is that about keeping the tech updated. For example, if you have a blood pressure machine that you bought it in 2018. Which means that by 2020, that blood pressure machine is outdated. It might show your blood pressure different in that machine as compared to the machine that you will check blood pressure on the 2020 machine. The latest machine will have different kinds of features like checking the pulse and showing the history and now the latest tech is for blood pressure is developing that if you had a really blood pressure, then the machine will be able to call the ambulance as well.
  2. The next challenge that you have to face is get the tech charged at all times. For example, if you have an artificial heart and if your heart is getting heavy like having a high pulse, then it will show the stats on the device and if that device is not charged, then you will have the issue of charging it or finding the charger and doing all this while you are not feeling well at all. Imagine the tension that you would be in because you had to see the stats and call the doctor right there and then and ask about the specific medicine that could ease you. There had been many incidents where people have an artificial leg and they have to maintain it like they maintain a car, they literally have to oil it and make sure that no hard thing hits them and make sure to climb and walk slowly. Now imagine that there is storm and you have to run fast and you can’t then what is the benefit of such tech.
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