26 Oct

Why should I study Business Administration?

The times are already in the past when the only field of studies, people used to opt, were medical or engineering. Nowadays, there are many emerging fields. Business Administration is one of the fields that are catching everyone’s eye because of its growth potential. For the proof, the BLS has projected that employment in this sector will rise to 7% by 2028, which is much higher than many other fields.

This is why, if you are thinking to choose the field for your education then why don’t you consider a Bachelor of Business Administration in Dubai? Let us make this decision-taking for you this a little easier. We are bringing you the personal and professional skills that a degree in business administration will empower you with. The following are the benefits of studying these fields:

A wider range of career opportunities:

After getting a degree in Business Administration, you will be able to apply to several different positions in the field. For example, a graduate of this filed can look for the position of Financial analysis, Human resources, Management, Market research, and also, can be appointed as the Appraisers and assessors of real estate. If you are aiming to get into the field of finance and business then, let us tell you’re the positions you can be posted on: 

  • General and operations managers
  • Sales managers
  • Social and community service managers
  • Cost estimators
  • Management analysts
  • Administrative services managers
  • Industrial production managers
  • Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

Personal and Professional Skills:

A degree in business administration can empower you with many personal and professional skills. You may get enriched with the talent of making and running of the business, and you may also learn leadership skills. This degree can also teach you great entrepreneurial skills. 

But keep this thing in mind that business is a competitive field, and you will have to complete lots of people which means that you will have to be better than all of them.

A business administration degree will teach you to develop your skills and also polish them to be the best. During the program, you will be able to learn finance, operations, human resources, marketing, and management along with many personal qualities like leadership, and motivation, the art of communication, and also critical thinking. 

As we have discussed the potential of this field, as its growing importance especially in the hub of business, UAE. Many people are now considering to study here and also get employed here. If you are also interested then we can help you look for accredited universities in UAE.

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