What Is The Better Alternative To Dental Implants?
24 Jun

What Is The Better Alternative To Dental Implants?

This article will compare and contrast some of the most common alternatives to dental implants: dentures and All-on-4. Although dental implants will not improve the appearance of your existing teeth, they will protect your jawbone and prevent the spread of infection. Listed below are the benefits of each type of treatment. If you are considering same day dental implants in Dubai, visit our clinic for the best treatment. 


The main difference between dental implants and dentures is the type of care required to maintain them. Dentures require regular cleaning and flossing, while implants must only be replaced every six months. In addition, dentures require more maintenance. Unlike dentures, implants also look better and don’t need to be replaced often. Another difference between dental implants and dentures is their longevity. Dental implants can last a lifetime, whereas dentures must be replaced regularly.

Non-surgical dental implants:

If you’re missing teeth, non-surgical dental implants are a viable option. This procedure provides predictable results, improves your appearance, and does not harm nearby teeth. Additionally, it has the added benefit of preserving healthy bone, thereby preserving the adjacent teeth and enamel. As a result, non-surgical dental implants have the added advantage of being more resistant to cavities. In addition to their benefits, dental implants can help retain a removable prosthesis.


Considering a dental implant procedure, you may wonder if All-on-4 is a better alternative. This dental treatment is not as expensive as conventional implants, but you will require four implants instead of three. It is important to consider the credentials of the doctor you are considering. Generally, dental chains advertise the combined experience of their team of doctors. However, this might not be enough to determine the quality of care you will receive.

Root canal therapy:

There is much debate surrounding whether root canal therapy is a better alternative to dental implant placement. While root canal therapy can save a tooth from extraction, it’s not usually a good option for people who have had their teeth extracted. Dental implants, on the other hand, replace missing teeth and give patients the look and feel of a natural tooth. Ultimately, there’s a no better option.

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