02 Sep

Swimming pools in residential homes

If you’ve made your dream of adding a swimming pool to your backyard come true, and you’re already dreaming of the amazing pool parties and neighborhood / community parties that will fill your weekends for years to come. Designing your pool garden is the only challenge between you and the first big pool party. It may seem like a chore to look at the spacious spaces in your pool, but with the following tips, you can keep your pool in good condition. You need to be aware of the cost that you may incur when you start to build the beautiful swimming pool for your large parties.

The construction of the swimming pool begins with the use of the right fence and bridge:

Each owner must follow the safety measures to adequately protect the pool. When it comes to landscaping in Dubai, many cities do not issue permits unless the pool is fenced. Your fence forms most of the pool from the outside of the house. So take the time to choose the right one that looks appealing and provides a beautiful backdrop for the pool landscape. There is no room to put a few plants around the pool if you make a mistake by placing the fence too close to the pool.

The things that you want to surround the swimming pool with depend on the type of swimming pool that you have and also when you are familiar with swimming pool contractors in UAE. Above ground pools usually have a wooden cover, while underground pools are usually covered with sidewalks and concrete slabs around the edge. The deck that you or your contractor chooses should match the shape of the pool, the type of fence around it.

Swimming pool construction and factory choice:

The plants you don’t choose are just as important as the plants you choose when designing your pool garden. Many people want a little shade by the pool, but planting trees helps remove leaves that fall into the pool. Choose trees like juniper, which are cleaner for shade.

The idea of ​​having a flowering or very fragrant shrub is very tempting. As good as it feels to have a flowering bush, it is also a haven for bees. Unless you want a few bee stings at your pool parties, it’s best to skip those bushes.

This is one of the easiest ways to get plants closer to your pool by storing your foliage in containers so you can spread it around the pool.

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