27 Oct

Signs that Your PC has a Virus

In the older days, we could keep our pictures in an album and an actual physical album and we all knew that we were not allowed to make dirty photos or save them because they are vulnerable.

But since the digital era has gotten a good hype and everyone got on the internet and they got busy. Meaning to say that they made different accounts on social media platforms and they started to expose themselves.

These are the people who get their own loss because they are exposing themselves. The thing that other people were waiting to do, then they are doing it by themselves. The internet is not a safe place anymore.

Though it is filled with positive and good things as well but the more good it has, the worst things you will have to face as well. one of the most worst thing you have to face is the viruses. And they can do devastating things on your PC.

If you have just bought a Pc and you know that you have some data that is very sensitive and vulnerable and you have a threat of hacking then we suggest that you buy an anti virus software.

Some people will say that they are expensive but you can tell them the verified antivirus for MAC is very cheap and there are different anti virus software that are cheap as well. if you want to buy one but don’t know what to look in for then we suggest that you read the remaining post because here we will tell you about the signs that your PC needs an anti virus;

Blue Screen Errors: if your screen becomes blue again and again and for some very long period of time, then it means that your pc has some kind of virus and it is making your pc super slow.

Ongoing Crashes: there are different reasons that your software and different apps crash. This type of problem most occurs on mobile phones but they can transfer on your pc as well via Bluetooth and USB connect.

Slow Performance: if your pc has started to lag then it is confirmed that your pc has a virus.

Low Storage and Missing Files: if you files keep disappearing and you are shown a low storage option then you need an anti virus now.

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