07 Oct

Interesting facts about Car repair

According to a German expert in Abu Dhabi, car repair and car maintenance is very important for all cars. You don’t need to contact Audi service or Suzuki service specifically. You can contact any car mechanics who is reliable.

  1. Stats says that signal and light problem is the most common problem in the car. It is found out that around 19 percent of them have the problem of failed lights and signals.
  2. The most reliable brands of the cars are Suzuki, Kia and Hyundai, according to the buyers and car owners. That’s the reason why many of the buyers own cars of these brands.
  3. Around 36 percent of the cars failed MOT initial test in 2017. It means that the car have problem but the owners did not know or they were not valuing them.
  4. Have you ever though how much money you need to fix the car? Its pricey. You need at least $300 to fix the problem. That’s why, take care of your car and save money.
  5. Ford Feista is the best-selling car in 2017. Unfortunately, some of the people can buy it because it is too expensive.
  6. Do you what is electric car? Although electric cars are not so old, the sales are increasing and people are buying it. Stats says that its sales increased to 11 percent in 2018 in the UK.
  7. Have you ever though how long can you use your cars? Data said in 2017 that you can use your car for 8 years.
  8. People has spent more than 21 billion pounds on repairing and maintenance of bike in UK in 2018. It shows that people have craze of bikes and its too costly to keep a vehicle.
  9. Do you have knowledge about petrol and car? If yes then I would request you to recheck your knowledge through internet because more than 150,000 use wrong petrol or fuel for their car every year.
  10. If you have been using a car for three to 10 years then it is advised to save money because it might break down in coming 12 months at anytime.

So these are 10 interesting facts about car repair. Car repair centers are necessary to have in every locality. The mechanics solve the problem in required and expected time. Yet, some of them charge a lot of money but you can use skills of communication and bargaining to deal with them.

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