07 Oct

Hire cleaning services with complete information

There are many companies that are providing the facility of carpet cleaning and you can hire the good one in all of them. Some of them also provide carpet cleaning Dubai pick up which will provide you the facility to send your carpet without going there and also receive that in your own house. To know what to expect from home disinfection services Dubai you need to read this below till end:

Pick up: You need to know about the type of picking up services they are providing to you. Some will provide de-assembly and pick up both because picking out the carpet from its place is very difficult because it is placed there with the help of strong glue. You can ask about the de-assemble facility and hire them if they agrees for that. After that they will take your carpet. You also need to know what kind of vehicle they are using because is the vehicle is in bad condition or dirty then it will make your carpet messier and they may demand more amount for that.

Assembly: You need to know about whether they will re-assemble your carpet or not. Only choose if they agree to that because it is very difficult to do that and you need to have specialized glue at your home for this. There should be no delay in asking about the assembly because you cannot do that alone at home. You need experienced people and special tools for that.

Time: Some of the companies will take too much time and some will just give your carpet back within 3 to 4 days. You need to know that timing does not matter more than cleanliness and the dryness of your carpet. If you get even slightly wet carpet then it will start creating fungus and your people will start getting diseases from that. You have to tell them that you need totally dry carpet no matter if it takes more than a week. When you tell that then they will clean your carpet with more concern because they know you have the necessary information about this facility. There is no need to get scared or feel hesitant while asking about the dryness because it is your right to know about the facilities you are hiring. Ask to provide drop off facility too.

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