13 Sep

Childhood versus Adulthood

Children are the creatures who don’t have a care in the world. More often than usual, they don’t remember important details like adults. The birth dates, the anniversaries, the national identification number, the driving license info are all other things that make adult life burdensome. They have no relation to it. A good childhood is the one that is worry-free and careless. The world seems a pretty good place, and the worst possible thing that can happen is getting a knee scrap. The small problems and funny worries of the children make one smile. It gives a sense of accomplishment to the adults to be able to guide their off springs in life. The small tantrums are for a good laugh at oneself for reacting the same with such trivial issues.

Creating the Suspense:

One important thing that a parent or a guardian loves to do is arrange and throw a surprise party. If there were no children, Adults would gather around and have a boring cupcake and some dry greeting exchanges with each other. Throwing a surprise birthday bash is a way for adults to relive childhood excitement through their kids. You can arrange for the most expensive birthday gifts in Dubai, but the happy expressions of the children are priceless. The enthusiasm for celebrating things like birthdays fades into oblivion in adult life. However, kids go bonkers over these occasions, and the jolly spirit is rekindled in everyone around.

Healthy Snacks and Cakes:

A special occasion is a chance to cheat on a diet for adults and put some extra sugar for children. In the modern world, when snacks and processed foods are so readily available every day of the year.  It doesn’t seem like a great idea to let loose too much on the birthday. The dish that makes a birthday special is cake. Other than that, parents can try to introduce healthy options like fresh produce. There are many services of fruit delivery in Dubai, where you can order healthy snacks in the form of food, salads, and fruit smoothies. The fun doesn’t have to be dangerous and injurious to health. If the kids are given snacks in a balance, they will adopt healthy eating habits without knowing.


Parents want their children to have the best possible presents, affection, and blessings in life. There should always be a balance in fun and responsibility.

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