05 Nov

Beginners’ guide to playing volleyball

There are different kinds of kids’ activities in Dubai which can be used to keep kids busy and make them healthy through these activities. These can be indoors and outdoors but parents have to make sure their kids are less involved in the screen because it will affect their physical growth and also it will badly affect their eyes and brain cells. For outdoor games they can play safer games like volleyball and if you do not know the rules of volleyball for beginners then you can get these here below:

Position: When a team starts playing then they need to be in a correct position because without that position they cannot beat other team and they will not have proper coordination with each other without their proper positioning. They have to stand in two lines with three players in each team. They need to change their positions clockwise after every service.

Footwork: When a game is started then players need to focus in every little detail. Every player in the start should learn how to step his feet and how to get a correct posture. The player who is going to start the service should place his weight on the left foot while keeping it back and while throwing the ball they should transfer the weight to the right foot which is at the front. They should be in a straight position while having the ball.

Strike: While going for the strike they player with the ball should have it above their head and then they need to put forward the ball but they should not move their hands towards their head because it is not allowed in this game.

Throw: When you are going to throw the ball then it will look simple but there should be a great precision in that because your ball should not go to beyond the boundaries of the court otherwise you will lose your strike. Before throwing the ball each player should be in the correct place in the ground but after the game started, players can move at any place in their own side. They should be in a proper uniform and they have to wear knee pads especially when they are playing on the normal playground because there might be more germs in that area other than special volleyball ground.

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