our results

in 2011:


Project Name: GREEN POWER - the introduction of information and education campaign on renewable energy in various areas:

WFOŚiGW Gdansk

WFOŚiGW Lublin

WFOŚiGW Poznan

WFOŚiGW Warszawa



Project Title: InnoSUrge

Programme: Baltic Sea Region

Project Title: Prevention and management of the consequences of terrorism in Swinoujscie LNG terminal as an element of security in the Baltic Sea Region

Program: prevention, preparedness and consequence management of terrorism and other security-related risks

Project Title: Strengthening the economic position of single mothers and women with children under age 3

Program: Investing in people

Project Title: Effective co-operation in Europe based on the dynamic development of civil society, with emphasis on environmental

III. Initiatives implemented since April 2011

"ECOekspert - a program to raise awareness of entrepreneurs on energy efficiency,

- A total number of hours, 372 training sessions (as of May 21) - 81 days of training in the following subject areas

- A 19 seminar "The EU and the EU"

about the benefits of participation of Polish and EU regions in more than 400 primary school students in small towns and rural areas;

  - A 19 "living history" lessons for the beginning of the Polish country more than 950 primary and secondary school students in small towns and rural areas;

- During May 14 - June 11, en plein air implements the six paintings in Zakopane for artistically gifted students from schools in rural areas and small towns.

IV. Planned initiatives in the future.

Activities planned for the near future (school holidays):

- Implementation of educational and recreational tourist center in Torun for a group of 10 - 15 students of junior high schools from poor families (rural);

- Implementation of an international project on a voluntary, among other things: photos, and learning English for children from families at risk of social exclusion;

- Implementation of comics and graphic workshops in collaboration with LesArtes Foundation;

- The project to organize leisure activities for parents and children aged 2-6, in partnership with the Plac Zabaw Tolun (general sightseeing, games, and activate the game).


We cooperate with:

- Local authorities, public schools and institutions, in particular communities (communes) Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Maciejowice, the provincial police headquarters in Szczecin;

- NGOs, ie Fundacja Inicjatyw Społecznych in Olsztyn, LesArtes Fundation, Innowatorium Fund Lokalna Grupa Działania "Sąsiedzi Wokół Szlaku Piastowskiego";.

- Private companies, among othes Agencja Widowisk Historycznych "Arkona", Faber Consulting, Fleas Food Studio, Przewoźnik "Tanya Busik" Villa Tatra Mountains in Zakopane.