our goals

The primary aim of the Foundation, above all, is to stimulate regional development through: 

  • Initiating actions and cooperating in projects the goal of which is a balanced regional development of the country, as well as cultivating the development outside Poland;
  • Leading actions and cooperating in projects for entrepreneurship development;
  • Setting in motion actions that contribute to cooperation between public agencies or non-government organizations with investors and entrepreneurs, including technology transfer;
  • Creating and supporting innovative technology and service solutions and their implementation in the regional and state economy;
  • initiating activities or cooperation within the projects aimed at promoting knowledge of the     European Union, supporting programs and participating in the consultations of aid programs;
  • Supporting educational, scientific and technological, training, advisory and cultural activities;
  • Initiating actions and cooperating in projects for environmental protection and ecological education, particularly on the field of renewable energy;
  • Supporting civil, professional and educational development of young people;
  • Popularizing knowledge about legal regulations in force and important economic and social issues;
  • Creating civil and informative society;
  • Cooperating in international projects, establishing international partnerships that allow to implement above-mentioned aims;
  • Organizing international cooperation and cultivating good practice in Poland, European Union and outside EU;
  • Assistance in the development of private entrepreneurs through counselling and legal assistance and other activities supporting the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship;