who are we?

The idea of establishing Prometheus Foundation first appeared in the year 2009 when the group of friends and active social workers started to seek possibilities to create and participate in innovative projects.

Uncompromising formula oriented towards realizing even the craziest and the most courageous ideas and projects became a non-profit Foundation the goal of which, just as that of the hero of Greek myth, Prometheus, is the desire to help vulnerable regions and their inhabitants.

Thanks to rich experience in working with projects and numerous contacts in Poland and Europe, endless opportunities opened up for us. 

our mission

As the group of consultants and enthusiasts, we want to solve the most burning issues of contemporary world using our potential, experience and financial assistance funds that are available in Poland, Europe and around the world...

Prometheus Foundation supports, among other things, regional development, international cooperation, renewable energy development, technology transfer, lifelong learning and promotion of Poland outside our country.

what we do?

Initiate & create, cooperate, support & develop, associate partners, organize, inject new ideas, popularize & promote, instruct & teach.